How Buzz Wireless Can Solve Your Marine Internet Issues

Leisure marine internet solutionsWhether you live or work on a boat, Buzz Wireless can benefit your life by offering on-board connectivity at affordable prices.

We have a wide range of broadband solutions tailored to solve your marine internet issues, providing a quality connection for both fixed devices or various smartphones, tablets or laptops connected via Wi-Fi.

The routers we offer allow high speed internet access to all aboard your vessel up to 20 miles offshore so you can stay connected while at sea. Our products support a range of marine vehicles including; commercial vessels, super yachts, leisure boats and even canal boats.


Product Benefits

Our Hubba Marine Routers have many impressive features to suit all your marine Wi-Fi needs and more information on that can be found on our product shop page.

A summary includes:

  • Automatically detecting and switching to new mobile networks
  • Ideal internet solution for ships that regularly cross borders. The Hubba Global is compatible with Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa
  • Extra Wi-Fi Access points to increase coverage over larger vessels

and much more…

The Hubba Wave includes data allowances for Wi-Fi free access to a range of apps including Netflix which, when streaming, will not come out of your allowance. Perfect for home boats or narrow boats that frequent inland waterways.

And If you still aren’t sure we are the right fit for you then check out this review of our Hubba X4 GO!


Router Accessories

We also supply a range of additional accessories to solve your marine internet issues, including weatherproof Omni directional antennas and a multitude of mounts to help you get the best network coverage possible. The heavy duty multiband antenna is not only suitable for marine, commercial and industrial application but also for broadcast and carrier applications (especially long range).

If you are wondering how you are going to watch your favourite TV shows while anchored offshore at your desired holiday destination, or are wondering how you will communicate with your suppliers about your upcoming shipment while at sea then look no further! Buzz Wireless has the marine internet solutions for you.