3 Easy Upgrades for Your Boat

Winter is a great time to notice what comforts you are lacking, but don’t let it get to that point! If one of the options below interests you, act now and make the improvements to your boat that will keep you and your crew happy on your travels like boat Wifi.


1-Boat Wireless Charging Surfaces

Boats can easily become cluttered spaces, making it super easy for items like charging wires to get lost and tangled and for boat passengers or crew to have to queue to use charging stations. Wireless charging surfaces can discreetly be added to surfaces to create sleek charging ports. This upgrade will particularly impress young and tech-savvy passengers or crew on your boat and can ultimately increase efficiency.

Happy crew = Happy boat.


2-Marine communication

How long have you had your current Marine radio system? It is imperative that you check and upgrade your boat communication equipment regularly to ensure that in an emergency situation you will be able to contact the emergency services. A wireless handset is a great upgrade as it is a compact, long-lasting communication device. There’s no need to cap your on-board communication equipment to the purely functional, either. There are many snazzy additions that can be made to make you and your boat members maritime lives better, check out this article for more luxury boat additions.


3-Marine WiFi

Boat Wifi is crucial for many reasons, one being communication, similar to point 2 it is imperative that when on long sea journeys your boat has the right internet connection and communication equipment necessary to alert in case of an SOS, or to stay up date on news and information e.g. bad turns of weather, Port availability. On top of the practical and safety aspects of boat wifi it is also a large part of leisure activities. Having a good wifi connection can keep your passengers, crew, family happy as they get to communicate with family and friends, view social media and even watch movies using the 4g lte routers. Wifi on boats may seem like a luxury but with our hubba router range it can be a reality.


Buzz wireless is here to help you and your crew sail the seas in comfort and accessibility. Don’t limit your vessel when you can have a 4G LTE marine router with auto switch from offshore Wi-Fi to your 4g sim provider, interoperation with existing VSAT systems and up to 100mbps download speed, at your fingertips…

Make the upgrade today for a comfier journey!

For further questions, and advice feel free to contact our helpful customer service who can support you in your decision.