Is Now a Good Time to Switch Broadband Provider?

While at home, potentially using a lot of data and Wi-Fi, you may have noticed some holes in your coverage. Whether it is the signal dropping out or just slow broadband, it can be incredibly infuriating to have to deal with whilst trying to conduct business from home and it may be time to look into the process to switch broadband providers.

Although the internet connection may be crucial for your work, right now could be the perfect time to start thinking about switching your broadband provider. This time at home will have given you an insight into your provider’s full service and potentially customer service also. You will know how they deal under pressure and what sort of internet signal you are actually averaging through the day. This insight can help you figure out if the provider you are currently with is right for you and your household internet needs.


Why Would You Switch Broadband Providers?

The top reasons UK customers switch broadband providers:

-Reduced costs

-Improved download and upload speeds

-Access to additional services like a landline

-Better customer service


As a customer you have the power to switch and find better deals to meet your home broadband needs.


What are The Benefits of Buzz Wireless ?

Buzz Wireless Hubba routers have many benefits that could positively affect your home/work set up.

We offer fast wireless broadband that covers remote and rural areas as well as up to 20 miles off shore using 4g data network. The wireless aspect and its mainly marine internet use means you can take the router wherever you like in the UK and still be connected e.g. taking a road trip, you need Wi-Fi for work and entertainment purposes.

The portability of the routers makes them far more versatile in their use compared to fixed home routers that could be limiting. Our 4G routers provide an affordable alternative to the different fixed business broadband solutions currently on the market.

The Hubba x4 Go router can provide up to 100Mbps download speeds, and the Hubba X4 Global will allow a maximum down link speed of 300 Mbps and a maximum up link speed of 50 Mbps. Giving you the internet speed you need to stay productive and keep connected.

Our routers can be paired with antennas like the Omni directional MIMO antenna to boost coverage area and increase the Wi-Fi hotspot created by the 4g routers. Increasing the performance of the routers further.

For more detail, head to the product pages of the Hubba routers: Hubba X4 Go, Hubba X4Global, Hubba Wave.


Test Out Our Service

Buzz wireless offers a rental option mainly for large construction sites or portable business operations. However, if you are unsure on our service and want to test it out first before committing to the switch then we offer an internet router rental service so you can be certain when you switch.


If you have been questioning your broadband’s ability recently then right now could be the best opportunity to switch your provider to a more reliable and versatile option like Buzz Wireless Hubba range. To enquire about our products or receive advice in what product would best suit your situation contact us here.