Take Buzz Wireless on Your Staycation

Has the coronavirus pandemic changed your holiday plans this year? A lot of us were effected and for some it meant getting more familiar with our homes and begrudgingly cancelling much looked forward to holidays. With this in mind many are turning to staycation options for their 2020 ‘breaks’, including camping, Glamping, motor homes and other forms.

Internet access is increasingly important when we go on holiday and the availability of WiFi often takes priority over more traditional facilities when booking hotels or holiday cabins. An alternative is a 4G travel router, this allows you to access the internet anywhere, anytime, using temporary wifi without having to search for public WiFi spots in annoying locations, or pay the extortionate rates charged by some hotels.


Below is an explanation of the Buzz Wireless 4g router uses:


Our Hubba routers are specifically built for marine and remote use because of this they can be used up to 20 miles off shore, making them the perfect solution to your voyage internet needs.

Some of our options offer free access to a range of popular apps including Netflix that won’t affect your monthly data allowance, making it easier to stream your favourite shows no matter where you are.


Buzz wireless routers use 4g to create a Wi-Fi hotspot for you and your devices wherever you choose. It can even be used in a fancy yurt! Buzz wireless can help make your holiday better with access to all your favourite shows and social media through your trip*.


Traveling the UK in the comfort of a mobile home with a portable Wi-Fi router could be the simple break you need to get your mind off 2020, explore the change of scenery and enjoy socially distanced and safe activities in the day, and spend the evening binge watching your chosen series with a cuppa thanks to your portable temporary WiFi router, suitable for remote locations as well as marine use and urban.

Cabins/ Holiday Homes

Make it your home away from home including the connection to the outside world. The Hubba router range can be rented on a temporary basis meaning you can book the time you need to be most cost effective. The temporary router can help make your holiday better with the Wi-Fi connection you and your household need without the restrictions of a long contract and wired routers.


Pick your perfect staycation and come to us to make it better! One of our 4g Lte routers could be the difference between a good holiday and a great one.

Contact us for more information on suitable packages for your travel needs, we are happy to help!


*If power is available