Working from Home With the Buzz Wireless 4G Router

Here at Buzz Wireless, our sales team remains fully functional and ready to solve all the questions you probably have at this strange time, specifically regarding working from home. We continue to offer the 4G internet equipment you need to help stay connected with customers, family and friends during this outbreak. Although current measures are in place to ease lock down, there are still many people and businesses taking precautions that need strong WiFI connections and ways to communicate from their place of work, and Buzz wireless is here to help!

Buzz Wireless 4G routers can use a SIM card to connect to 4G mobile networks and create a wireless Wi-Fi hotspot. The Wi-Fi hotspot from the Buzz Wireless Hubba router can support Wi-Fi connectable devices that are within range e.g. laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It can also provide a LAN Ethernet connection to a personal computer.


Top tips when using one of our Hubba range 4G routers and working from home:

-Choose a suitable data plan for your SIM card, make sure you have enough data allowance to process your daily jobs and keep you connected throughout your working day.

-Place the router in the area that can achieve the best 4G signal, for example, at a high point of your house/boat/building, the higher points of your location will likely receive the best signal needed to create your Wi-Fi hotspot.

-Make sure the area you will need the internet most is near to the 4G router to receive a good Wi-Fi signal or, if this is not possible, then look into purchasing a wifi booster e.g. Omni directional MIMO antenna. They can be placed within your Wi-Fi hotspot area to boost the signal further allowing a larger area to be covered by the 4g router. This is particularly handy if you have an office in an outhouse down the garden.


The wireless router can provide stable and fast speed internet access in rural areas where there is no landline internet available. Whether it is used as your primary internet connection for the household or as a separate network to keep you online while working from home in your office, a 4G router can be a useful gadget to help you work at home. Check our FAQ’s for common customer queries and contact us on – 0800 037 5555 to find a suitable 4G internet solution from our Hubba X router range to help you stay connected through these uncertain times and, most importantly, make sure you are achieving the speeds you need to stay productive.