Reducing the Digital Divide – is Buzz Wireless 4G Broadband the Answer?

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that everyone has the basic access to connect with family, friends, and work from their homes or main location. Even shopping online and getting regular news updates have become necessities. With this in mind, it is staggering to learn that some UK residents who live in remote areas travel up to 5 miles just to get online! With roughly 72% of people living in rural areas deeming their internet as ‘too slow’ – it is time for a change.

A recent survey showed that 19%* of people working from home were impacted by poor quality rural internet this is supported by the large gaps in speeds between urban and rural locations making it a complicated task for many people to get online. Although the minimum download speed that anyone can request is 10Mbps, there are over 350,000 households in the UK struggling with speeds lower than 5Mbps. Some rural areas in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the South West find it the hardest with speeds even lower than 2Mbps.


How Can Buzz Wireless Help Your Rural Internet?

The 4G LTE wireless routers that buzz wireless offer can be used up to 20 miles offshore and cover the majority of inland UK areas meaning a more reliable rural internet connection for your household/employees to beat low fibre broadband speeds, don’t let your internet provider limit your location options.

With more than a quarter of the UK’s rural population unhappy with their current internet provider the other options are shining through, more users are making the switch from fibre broadband to new alternatives like the buzz wireless Hubba range of 4G routers. The portability and additional accessories make our product the perfect addition to your internet set up, additionally the Hubba x4 Go is very versatile and can be used as: part of your home security or rural cctv, on your boat, in a home office, in a large business office, on site set ups e.g. construction, campervan/motorhomes, or simply at home.

Buzz wireless, the 4g lte router provider, is doing its best to give users the quality service and high-speed rural internet even in hard to reach places, connecting people boats, and businesses. Using the latest technologies, 4G wireless broadband caters to the needs of those rural areas where fibre broadband or old copper wires are too slow and unreliable to do so.


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* Research conducted with 2256 ABC1 homeowners who live in rural areas in the uk