Getting WiFi On A Narrow Boat

Hubba wave 4g supplying WiFi on a narrow boat
Narrow boat moored under a willow tree in Windsor

Narrow boats/canal boats are often used for homes and occasionally holiday lets. With this in mind and the technology driven world we live in, the internet is very important when spending a large amount of time anywhere. Even a smart phone contract can’t work everywhere! Trying to connect to the cloud in a remote location could prove difficult … Introducing – Buzz Wireless!

Buzz wireless has the answers to all your marine internet connectivity issues. To get WiFi on a narrow boat we offer a variety products. The main items suited for inland waterways are the Huawei 4Go and the Hubba Wave.


Hubba Wave

Huawei 4Go

The Hubba wave is a newly developed contract based system. It can supply internet up to 15 miles offshore and within inland waterways, perfect to get WiFi on a narrow boat. It provides 4g connectivity and unlimited minutes as well as certain apps being streamed without effecting your data allowance e.g. Netflix.

The Hubba Wave package comes with a router, Aerial, Cable and a phone handset. Helping to improve your communication while enjoying your coastal cruising. It can be accessed by laptop, tablet or smartphone and the service can be used through Europe at a fraction of the cost of VSAT.

The Huawei 4Go is a marine internet unit. They all come with a MIMO antenna system which is necessary for narrow boats to get the connection through, occasionally, steel construction. We also offer a range of extra accessories if you want specific add-ons e.g. extended antennas and antenna mounts to meet your individual preferences.

The antenna paired with the router will maximise the signal strength and therefore improve your router performance. This is preferable for any streaming from your devices as our routers also boast up to 100 mbps speeds.

Our 4G routers help make any long journeys far more entertaining with their helpful traits and usability and can solve your narrow boat internet issues. If any problems occur through your installation and use, you can contact us on – 0800 037 5555

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