How to Get Internet on a Boat

Are you looking for the perfect solution to your maritime internet connection issues? Look no further! Buzz Wireless offers a range of routers suitable for a variety of vessels and internet needs. Whether you are a large commercial vessel regularly crossing borders or a small leisure vessel that regularly roams the coast, we can help you get wifi on a boat.


How far do you travel

Inland waterway

If you need the internet for your narrowboat or canal boat that travels within inland waterways, then the Hubba wave is the best option for your boat internet.

The Hubba wave contains:

A Router Box

A data and Wi-Fi router device loaded with 40GB of data that provides boat owners with a range of benefits for a simple monthly charge. The 4G router can help keep you connected in a multitude of locations with auto data roaming and the help of 4G,3G, 2G, and GSM networks. The Hubba wave internet can be accessed by all Wi-Fi connected devices e.g. Laptop, phone, tablet, and while using popular streaming apps like Netflix, Apple Music, TV Player none of your data allowances is used.


A 4G LTE marine MIMO Omni outdoor antenna suitable for different mounts, that will help improve reception of 4G (LTE), 3G and GSM signals, upping the quality of your connection.

(Up to) 12m Cable

Giving you enough space to place the antenna and Hubba Wave router in optimum positions for your vessel.

A Phone Handset

The essential corded phone will work as your boat communication. It comes with handy features like the last number redial, call waiting, secrecy button and it can be wall-mounted. These features paired with unlimited UK minutes and free-roaming in the EU (to 01 02, 03, and standard numbers) give you all the necessary communication options you need for a safe and enjoyable journey on your marine vessel.

The Hubba wave and its 40Gb of data will allow you to roam like at home and access all your favorite apps and entertainment from the comfort of your boat, making your trip even more enjoyable.



Do you regularly moor/travel offshore in your marine vessel? If so, then the Hubba X4 go maybe the option for you!

The unit works by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot onboard which can have multiple devices connected and it also offers ethernet ports to support a wired network if needed.

It is suitable for most leisure craft, and small commercial marine vessels and can provide up to 100Mbps download speeds up to 15 miles offshore by utilizing 4g, 3g and 2g networks.

The X4 Go is designed for use in the EU, Middle East, and Asia as well as Pacific Rim countries, allowing you to communicate and utilize the internet wherever you go. (check for compatibility with other local network frequencies before traveling)

Choose The Hubba X4 Go for your perfect travel companion.

hubba go DiagramRegularly Between Borders

Boats that regularly cross boarders may find the Hubba X4 Global will suit their marine internet needs better. It is a multiband, multi-protocol, dual SIM, LTE data router designed for the maritime sector and perfect for larger ships internet and specifically commercial based boats, making it easy to get wifi on a boat.

The router is best for this type of travel because it interoperates with existing VSat systems to switch seamlessly when out of range of shore-based networks. Allowing you to roam freely without the worry of manually switching networks, as soon as a new mobile network is detected the Hubba will activate automatically to switch from VSAT to Hubba. This works for many borders including Us, Canada, Asia, etc. And when switching, Hubba will prioritize the cheapest option to help save you money while traveling.

Hubba global diagram wifi on a boat

The Hubba Global is compatible in:


-North America

-South America



The router can reach a maximum downlink speed of 300 Mbps and a maximum uplink speed of 50 Mbps. Making sure you get the strong connection you need while roaming the sea.


Antennas Available to Boost Connection

We have multiple antennas to choose from as not all will suit every vessel e.g. larger ones with increased range and more expensive may be best suited for larger ships.

The antennas we offer are:

Offshore 700-2700 OMNI Directional

4G LTE Directional MIMO panel antenna –

4G LTE Marine outdoor MIMO Omni antenna

Mag mount 4G 3G Multiband antenna

More information can be found here.


How To Get Wifi On a Boat

Our routers work by harnessing the 4G data networks. Buzz Wireless can offer a range of 4G routers and devices able to aid you and your crew/friends/family with getting wifi on a boat. This is vital for multiple reasons: communication, safety, entertainment etc.

Head here to have a browse of the options for your internet solution today.