The Main 6 Benefits Of Buzz Wireless

info graphic for benefits of buzz wireless solving your marine internet issues

One of the benefits of Buzz Wireless is it offers a range of products to solve your marine internet issues. All of which have many handy features to help make your maritime journeys as comfortable as possible.

Our top range products including the Hubba x4 Global, offer wireless broadband up to 20 miles off-shore. Allowing you to roam like you are at home! Smaller models like the Hubba wave which are perfect for inland waterways can receive broadband up to 15 miles off-shore. All ranges helping you stay connected no matter where you are.

The Hubba x4 Global is ideal for users who regularly cross boarders. Its Dual Sim feature allows seamless switching between networks taking the pressure off the user as no manual control is needed.

The Hubba x4 Go has download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and the Global can reach downlink speeds of 300 Mbps. Meaning your download time will be no obstruction to you while you travel.

Buzz Wireless boasts great UK based customer service and tech support – a friendly quality service that can answer any queries about your products. This gives you the reassurance and support you need to continue as a valued buss wireless customer.

Overall are products offer value to your business and to help you in your process we stay honest and competitive with our pricing, as we understand your many worries as a business owner. This along with our customer service and quality products are the tools you need to help your company succeed.

No matter what your situation, whether you live on a canal or run an international cargo ship business, Buzz Wireless has something for you. For a breakdown of the products we offer, click here.

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