Reducing Internet Strain on UK Networks

Due to an influx of people now working from home as well as children no longer at school, internet strain has been high. Constant streaming, conference calls, and researching in every household along one street can affect the performance of some user’s internet, so below are a few handy tips on ways to reduce the strain on your connection.


Move your router away from other devices

One way to help boost your internet speed is to make sure your router is as far away as possible from other devices including cordless phones, baby monitors, halogen lamps, dimmer switches, stereos and computer speakers and televisions. As these could potentially interfere with the connection.


Lower the demands on your connection

During the day while you are working, if you are not using leisure devices like phones or tablets, switch their wifi off. Sometimes apps can be running in the background and that will add to the demand on your internet.


Schedule internet use

If you know you want to download a film or your children want to play an online game, make sure it is carried out around your work time e.g. when you are on lunch the kids can play online, download films or large internet files after work hours or while you are asleep, this will help reduce internet strain.


Try wired rather than wireless

When it comes to connection for your work desktop or laptop, if the option is available, always use wired. By using an ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the router It gives a faster and more reliable connection.


plug your router directly into your main phone socket

Where possible, avoid using a telephone extension lead, they can occasionally cause interference which could lower your speed. If you have to use one then try and get a new, high-quality cable with the shortest possible length.

Secondly, if tangled the speed may also be affected due to interference from your phone line, so try plugging “microfilters” into every phone socket in your home. They are simple little white boxes that will split the phone and broadband signals so that they don’t affect each other and cause further internet strain.


The tips given in this article are advice and are not guaranteed to work. If you are having a lot of issues with continued disruption or slow connection it is best to contact your broadband provider to ask about current problems in your area or further advice from them.

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