Mag mount

Operates simultaneously in the 698-960 MHz and 1700-2700 MHz bands, making it ideal for 4G/3G applications. The mechanically robust design is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with wide bandwidth and a low angle radiation pattern that is superior to traditional gain antennas in most applications.

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The antenna is ideal for both ceiling and surface mount applications.
The industry standard The industry standard NMO mounting socket mates with magnetic, trunk lid and hole mount configurations.

• Mechanically robust for both Indoor/Outdoor applications
• Applicable for both 3G and 4G application
• Domestic LTE 700 band and Global LTE 2600 band
• WiMAX 2300/2500/2600 bands
• Domestic Cellular and Global GSM
• Out-performs a 3 dBi whip in many application