Transportable 4G Broadband Router – Who Can Use Them?

Accessing remote internet from portable hubba router

What Hubba Portable Routers Can Do?

The Hubba X4 broadband portable routers give high speed internet equivalent of up to 100Mbps up to 20 miles offshore (and everywhere inland) via 4G, 3G and 2G networks. The 4G unit creates a Wi-Fi hotspot in the area and also has Ethernet ports to support a wired network, all of which can provide internet to all devices e.g. Phone, laptop, tablet.

How Do The Hubba Range Do It?

The Hubba Routers do this by utilising 3G and 4G data networks to ultimately optimise access to coastal and land-based networks, helping to extend the reach as far as possible.

Hubba Global

The Hubba X4 Global portable router has the added extra of being the first multiband, multi-protocol, dual SIM, LTE data router. Ideal if you regularly travel across borders, it can also switch back to VSAT if 4G is not available. There is a choice of optional accessories to optimise usage or your 4g Wi-Fi device like our Omni directional Antenna which will benefit long range use.

Area They Cover

Both products can be used in the EU, Middle East and Asia as well as Pacific Rim countries. (Please check for compatibility with other local network frequencies). The Global operates at a wider range and can be used in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

How They Can be Used

Our main target market is marine use as they are perfect for this however, they can be used for a multitude of purposes e.g. Home 4g Broadband in a remote area, 4G hotspots for motor homes while on the go, 4G for Inland waterway narrow boats, Long haul truck driver’s portable internet access, Router rental to cover building sites, Even as office Wi-Fi access as an alternative to bigger providers for your small business.

Their coverage means the possibilities are endless and if you know you need top quality, strong internet access with a trustworthy company with helpful UK based customer service then Buzz Wireless Hubba routers are for you.

For more information or an enquiry call this number – 0800 037 5555