Office In A Box

Office in a Box from Buzz Wireless


‘Office in a box’ – The perfect addition to any office, home, or boat that needs communication and internet access. This ready-made package deal has many enticing qualities including its ease of use and its capability…


What’s In It?

Our office in a box package consists of a VoIP phone, Huawei 4Go Router, 2 power cables, 2 ethernet cables, 3 GSM antennas, and a SIM card. All the tools you need for your quick and easy business set up.

What Is It For?

We created this ‘Office in a box’ product to perfectly suite a wide range of customers. This easy to use 4g router and VoIP set are the fundamentals for any business operation and are suitable for a multitude of locations e.g. construction sites, home office , small business, pop up shops etc.

The extent of internet coverage partnered with the easy router set up makes this the most effective package for most business purchases. It can help you run your business the way it should be with all the essential tools for communication and efficiency.

This product is especially helpful for remote areas e.g. construction sites wifi or random pop up locations as our 4G broadband allows you to access the internet without a phone line or fixed location.

Why Choose Buzz Wireless’s Office in a Box

This product is the complete kit to get your office set up in a few simple steps. With flexible use and router rental options available you can pick any plan that suits your needs.

With this high-quality equipment, you can keep your productivity high and your stress low. Contact our in-house UK customer service team for any help or advice while using your buzz wireless package (0800 037 5555) and enquire now about your office options.