Maritime Internet Solutions

Whether for leisure or for business, many vessels face issues choosing the right internet connectivity device for many reasons. Below outlines how Buzz Wireless can solve your marine internet issue with our Hubba router range.



Connectivity at sea is beneficial for many reasons like reducing operating costs by allowing you to monitor fuel consumption and view up to date weather reports. It keeps crew safe and connected with family and friends while on long journeys and it facilitates the use of crews own devices for personal use like viewing videos on a phone.

All of these factors are becoming common on most vessels but they depend on bandwidth. The greater the bandwidth the stronger the connection and more can be done on said vessel. In the past bandwidth restrictions and coverage restraints have been a major issue with connectivity at sea. Happily this is no longer the case, with systems like Hubba X4 Global giving you and your crew the internet solution you need. Our high-speed global 4G routers deliver downlink speeds as fast as 300 Mbps and 50 Mbps uplink, perfect for entertainment and work application.


Unreliable Connection

While being at sea you might expect unstable connections, lack of coverage, lapses in service and long delays as your system tries to locate a satellite and general internet issues. A good internet system should take into account these factors and search for any overlap and act accordingly. As well as any additional equipment that could aid your connection.

The Hubba X4 Global the first multiband, multi protocol, dual SIM, LTE data router designed for the maritime sector, it covers your connection up to 20 miles off shore and contains ‘Network Smart Select’, enabling quick and intelligent switching between SIM cards and VSat system to give you seamless communication. Partnered with omni directional antenna to boost connection. This is one 4G Router you can rely on.


It’s Complicated

A huge rack of technical equipment, lengthy installations and being locked into a restrictive, long winded contract – these are all things of the past.

With Buzz Wireless we offer a simple one box marine internet solution with a ‘plug and play’ quick set up, managing your vessels network with a flick of a switch. Additionally, to help with any issue, we have a dedicated and friendly UK based customer service team ready to help!


Financially Viable

4G connectivity at sea is ultimately and luxury and sometimes the price tag can reflect that, causing a dilemma where quality can be substituted for a more economical option. Especially tough if you need a Wi-Fi router for trips at a time and can’t find a contract/product to match.

Buzz Wireless Hubba routers offer the opportunity to rent routers for the amount of time you need them making them far more suitable for your budget and allowing you to continue receiving the quality connection you and your crew deserve.

Choose Buzz Wireless for your internet solutions.