Land Based Uses of Buzz Wireless 4G Routers

The Hubba X range has many benefits and land-based uses including their main functions in the maritime sector, however, they are quite versatile. Buzz Wireless routers can be used for … Remote security, housing developments/construction, factory sites, motorhomes, agricultural or equestrian sites, Pop up shops, Events, private car parks, or home security … and probably a few others we haven’t thought of!

This mix of possible applications means the options are endless. Owning a Hubba x4 router means you have portable internet available for you when you need it and can be crucial for some businesses e.g. pop up shops at events that need an internet connection for a contactless payment app. A fundamental part of the business process that otherwise couldn’t happen.


Examples of Land Based Uses


Construction/Pop up sites

Setting up a connection from day one of a new construction project is critical; as temporary fixtures, construction site offices, or pop up stalls rely on access to the internet. Yet fixed line installation often lags far behind the start date, leaving the businesses exposed in the meantime.

Buzz Wireless can supply robust, 4G Wi-Fi solutions to these businesses across the UK. Our solution is ideal for these situations with on-site offices or tents that require the stability of a fixed broadband line, but the flexibility of mobile communications – click here to view our Office in a box package.

Our portable WiFi routers allow staff to quickly connect laptops, printers, phones, card machines, and any other internet connectable devices to the internet. Some packages even include a phone with a fixed landline number, allowing your business to stay connected no matter what. On top of this, the setup process for our products is simple, just plug in and go – No Installation needed.



CCTV and security is a valuable tool for a multitude of areas e.g. Event security, Home security, building and store, car parks, storage, etc. It is important that it is monitored and is running at all times to be fully secure and for this, you need a reliable system in place to connect the video feed to a monitor. It requires connectivity, and a 4G LTE solution like the Hubba x4 Go can be ideal as it can connect them wherever they need to be without the use of cable and wires which give a risky opportunity for potential threats. The 4g connection for CCTV can also be beneficial in remote areas e.g. remote security solutions.

When using wirelessly connected security you can either use the same internet solution as your house or main building or utilize multiple WiFI solutions so that the applications can be connected independently (potentially safer), depending on your requirements and situation.


Find the perfect 4G router deal for your internet preferences here and for any queries or help to decide what your business/home needs then contact us on: 0800 037 5555