The 3 top reasons why Hubba X4 is the best router for your boat, yacht or ship…

Marine broadband is no longer a necessity for those who live and work in sea, it’s become an essential part in life onboard.

With just a few options out there to keep you connected to the internet while sailing, our Hubba X4s seem to be one of the best marine routers for commercial and private vessels.

Recently, Yachting Monthly compared the Hubba X4s to other popular marine routers and the results speak better than words.

Among the three different 4G devices our Hubba X4s were rated 8/10, winning the position of a premium product on the market.


Here are the top 3 reasons why the Hubba X4s made it to the top position:

  1. Easy Installation Setting up the routers is pretty simple and straightforward. All devices come with a setup manual in the delivery box and if by any chance you encounter a problem you can always give us a call and our tech support team would be happy to help.
  2. Superfast 4G speeds The Hubba X4s performed really high speeds in Yachting Monthly tests, highlighting one of the best advantages of our routers – providing the fastest possible connections available in upto 20 offshore, depending on what the nearest network offers (e.g. 4G, 3G, 2G)
  3. Flexible Networks Switch – The Hubba X4 Duo router is designed with two SIM slots allowing a more flexible approach when choosing a 4G network. This along with the MIMO antenna enables the device to choose the most suitable network, optimising the connection speeds and minimising the data cost.


Hubba Review

Great feedback from a new customer putting a Hubba 3G broadband router through its paces.

The router works really well in situations where users are on the edge of a 3G signal, its antenna and clever algorithms outperform traditional dongles by up to 10 times.

John is based in Cheshire and was so impressed with the performance of the Hubba he wrote to tell us. Here is his story:

I have been a very unhappy rural broadband user for over ten years lucky to get 0.50 Mbps plus via 2 miles of ancient copper cable. After realising fibre optic cable is still years away, I was looking for alternative technologies and recommended to try a Hubba unit.

I have been using this a week now and it’s totally transformed my broadband experience. I’m achieving average speeds 4-5 times those of before and during quiet periods around 3.8 – 4.0 Mbps. I believe higher speeds will come when I finish experimenting with the Hubba location.

You obviously need a 3G signal for the Hubba to work and 3G coverage remains patchy, but for me Buzz and Hubba has been a great success.

Moreover, the Buzz people are friendly and efficient, and I recommend people living in rural areas take a serious look at Buzz and their technology.

John Stratford (Brassey Green, Cheshire)