Internet Issues: Why Buzz Wireless Can Help You

Are you in a home office in a rural location? Are you living on a houseboat?  Or, do you live in a block of flats that is currently inundated with home workers slowing down your connection?

Whatever your situation, maybe it is time for you to think of an alternative to your landline internet provider and move to a stronger and more reliable connection.

“[Common network] customers have reported problems connecting to broadband internet – with 72% of reports relating to internet issues”

Since the 23rd March 2020, many people have experienced outages and low download speeds, as poor as 0.5 Mbps, due to extensive usage from home office workers or even just too much streaming/playing video games. As the government has advised a lockdown on all non-essential travel outside of your house many people are turning to the internet for entertainment, work, schooling so it is vital that the right equipment is used.

What We Offer

On top of our fast 4g wireless router collection, we also offer a pick of add-ons to help get the most out of your router e.g. 4G LTE MIMO Omni outdoor antenna, a various choice of antenna mounts etc. Making our products suitable for the majority of situations – specifically marine use and remote and large areas that need internet coverage.

Our routers are also suitable for working environments like construction sites or onsite offices where transportable internet is needed (although currently, that may not be necessary). We offer an ‘Office in a box’ package to make anywhere suitable to conduct your business including supporting calls and web surfing.

“The EU has called on streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube to limit their services in order to prevent the continent’s broadband networks from crashing as tens of millions of people start working from home.”

Buzz Wireless has a range of routers to meet your requirements that can help you keep costs reasonable and your control over your data plan high, helping you find the right package to benefit you and your continued productivity.

For any issues or enquire contact us through this number- 0800 037 5555 or check out our frequently asked questions first to see if any of your internet issues have already been addressed.