Buzz Networks announces the launch of CrewCode Wi-Fi management system

crewcode wifi management system

Launch of CrewCode Wi-Fi Management System

Buzz Networks Ltd, the UK based company that has been at the forefront of delivering 3G and 4G coastal data systems to the marine sector with its range of Hubba X routers, has announced the launch of a new CrewCode service. This cost-effective communications system allows owners, charterers and operators to monitor, control and monetise data usage for vessels.

CrewCode is a voucher based service, similar to those used in hotels, whereby users are given, or may purchase, a code for data in fixed amounts (500MB, 1GB, 2GB etc..) to access onboard wi-fi networks. This code remains valid until the entire amount has been used or has expired. CrewCode thereby enables operators to control data costs, add value to charters, or sell voucher codes to cover costs or enhance profits.

On commercial vessels, CrewCode can assist in crew retention by allowing the crew to keep in touch with friends and family while it provides enhanced value and a competitive edge for operators of recreational charter vessels and fleets.

When in range of coastal 3G/4G networks, which can extend up to 20 miles offshore, the Hubba X system delivers low cost data from mobile networks onshore. When cruising greater distances and out of range of the lower cost shore based services, CrewCode can switch to the vessels VSAT system to provide uninterrupted connection.

An online portal is available to operators, which enables the monitoring of usage and billing information. Buzz Networks can provide European and Global roaming SIMs which ensure a one stop solution to all coastal data requirements.

For fleet use, Buzz provides monthly contract packages that include the Hubba X hardware and bundled data with no upfront cost, to offer a highly effective and flexible voice and data communications system at a fraction of VSAT costs.