Buzz Introduces the Hubba X4 LTE

We are pleased to announce that following the success to the revolutionary Hubba and Hubba X mobile broadband units, we have added a new unit to our range: the Hubba X4 LTE.

This unit can be positioned in the boat’s cabin and will work on 2G, 3G and 4G to provide users with the fastest available connection speeds of up to 100Mb per second.

The Hubba X4 LTE also allows users to log-on to individual marina Wi-Fi systems to save valuable mobile data. In addition, it has a switch-over facility to operate in conjunction with VSAT systems to ensure vessels are connected to the best value network at all times.

Other modifications include a more accessible SIM holder for easier SIM changes when cruising and a web-based remote management system offering a wide range of settings, usage reports, alerts and troubleshooting features which are all expected to be especially attractive to owners of fleets of vessels worldwide.

We’ve been developing our 4G system for over a year now. As it becomes increasingly important for both leisure and small commercial boat owners to stay connected while on the water, and to be able to do so at a speed similar to that experienced at home, the Hubba X4 LTE offers an economical solution through utilising 4G networks, 3G networks and even 2G networks to access the best available internet connection which can be easily accessed by PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

The Hubba X4 LTE is fully future-proofed and is designed to take advantage of upgraded transmitters as they come online, which could eventually see all users enjoying connection speeds of up to 100Mbps.