Best 4G WiFi For Remote And Rural Areas

Family using Buzz wireless 4g hubba x4 Routers 4g wifi for remote and rural areas

More than 5 Million adults in the UK did not access the internet during 2018

Internet Access

While the number of internet-non using adults in the UK has fallen steadily since 2011, the figures highlight how millions of people are potentially cut off from vital services, help, business management and information online, simply because they don’t have 4G WiFi for remote and rural areas.

An astonishing 1 in 10 households in Britain do not have access to the internet. If this is you then buzz wireless has the answer! With strong 4g broadband routers that can be used in remote locations to provide internet service to all.

In addition, we offer accessories like our mimo antenna to strengthen the signal and improve the performance in black spots.


The lack of internet use/availability could be due to big providers not covering the area, the WiFi they do have available isn’t fast enough, or no need for the internet. Even if you do get connection, it could be very difficult to get a half decent signal strength. For anyone trying to run a business or work from home this could be a large obstacle. For more information head to the product page for our top of the range 4g internet routers.

Our Hubba x4 routers are also perfect for marine use in supplying wifi for boats miles off shore, this can benefit you in your remote area internet needs. paired with a 4g marine antenna you can get up to 100 mbps download speed and a strong connection to do your internet browsing with no interruption.

If you are unsure of the Hubba ranges ability then there is the option of 4g router hire, you can rent out one of the Buzz Wireless Hubba routers to trial the effectiveness. We are sure you will be nothing but impressed with our mobile wifi router options.

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